Heineken is investing 73 million euros in the expansion and

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Heineken Italia is investing 73 million euros to modernize and expand the Assemini brewery, near Cagliari, where Ichnusa beer is produced, EMS Magazine reports.

The renovation will involve the addition of a new refrigeration plant, carbon dioxide storage facilities and cooling towers.

The project will help improve environmental performance by reducing water, electricity and carbon emissions.

The investment will increase the production and packaging capacity of Sardinia’s oldest brewery, the brewer said. When fully operational (in 2024), packaging capacity will increase by more than 60% from current figures.

According to the company, its business plan will support the growth of beer production in Sardinia, with a positive impact on the local and national production chain.

It is also part of a development agreement signed with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the National Agency for International Investment and Economic Development (Invitalia) and the Region of Sardinia.

The expansion project will involve a contribution of approximately 14 million euros from the Ministry of Economic Development and 200,000 euros from the Region of Sardinia.

According to CEO Wietse Mutters, through this investment, Heineken Italia aims to become “a driving force behind the recovery of beer and the agri-food economy”, after “the pandemic has wiped out the entire growth of the sector in the last four years”.

Invitalia also pointed out that Assemini’s investment includes the adoption of state-of-the-art automatic equipment and three new warehouses for the storage of packaging materials and finished products.

In addition to Assemini, Heineken has three other factories in Italy – Comun Nuovo, Massafra and Pollein – in addition to its headquarters in Milan and its active partnership in Sicily with Birrificio Messina.