Helen Andone, a member of the change.org platform, initiated a

Helen Andone, a member of the change.org platform, initiated a

Following the ICCJ’s decision on Traian Băsescu’s collaboration with the Securitate, now another unprecedented event is taking place. The former president now risks being expelled from the European Parliament.

Problems are running for Traian Băsescu, the former president of Romania could be ruined in the next period, after it was established that he collaborated with the security.

Thus, following the decision taken by the ICCJ regarding its collaboration with the Securitate, the former president now risks losing his seat in the European Parliament.

According to the latest information, Helen Andone, a member of the change.org platform, has initiated a petition for the resignation of Traian Băsescu from the European Parliament. The petition was also opened on the change.org platform, where he is active, after the former president was officially and definitively declared a collaborator of the Securitate.

The document is entitled “MEP Traian Basescu, Romania – now resigns from the European Parliament”, and regarding the reasons invoked by its initiator, they refer to “lying politicians” who have nothing to look for in the European Parliament.

Who initiated the petition?

Specifically, in the description of the petition, Helen Andone states that the former president was officially declared a security collaborator, adding that “his secret police system was responsible for tens or even hundreds of thousands of deaths.” In this sense, the quoted source states that Traian Băsecu must be replaced by a Member of the European Parliament who is honest and honest and who also has respect for the reputation of the Parliament.

Thus, according to the petition, “We do not need lying politicians, former collaborators of the former secret security police, in the European Parliament!

Former President of Romania Traian Băsescu was declared a collaborator of the former secret security police by the final decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania! Romania was ruled by a harsh communist regime from the end of World War II until 1989, and its secret police system was responsible for tens or even hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Why should Traian Băsescu resign?

Former President Traian Băsescu was a collaborator of the Securitate, the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) decided on Wednesday, 23.03.2022, which thus upheld the decision of the first instance. The decision is final. Basescu was accused of giving statements under the conspiratorial name “Petrov”.

He must be replaced immediately by another MEP who, unlike him, is in line with “the following general principles of conduct of the European Parliament: selflessness, integrity, openness, diligence, honesty, responsibility and respect for Parliament’s reputation”. The code of conduct for Members of the European Parliament “, the petition states.

At the same time, the initiator of the petition also states that he does not agree with the innocent attitude of the former president, adding that he should rather apologize to the Romanian people for his lies, but also for his gestures.

At the same time, the former president should resign urgently from the European Parliament, so that Romania is no longer represented by a “liar”.

Romania, represented by “a liar”

“To maintain the alleged innocence during the term of office of the MEP is a fundamental right, but if the guilt results from a final decision (after countless previous convictions), then the consequence must be immediate resignation. Such a denial, contradicted by a final decision, would have led to the resignation of any Member of the European Parliament, so where is Mr Basescu’s dignity now or what is left of it?

We need him to resign now. Traian Băsescu’s lawyer stated that her client will keep her seat as a member of the European Parliament, despite a court decision confirming that she collaborated with the dreaded secret police during the communist era. When it is clear to you that you have collaborated with the Securitate as a political police, two minimum gestures are required:

1. Traian Băsescu to apologize to the Romanian people. Because of what he did and because he lied to us for so long.

2. Traian Băsescu resigns from the European Parliament. Romania cannot be represented by a liar! ”, The description of the petition also states.