How aliens were seen 324 years ago -

How aliens were seen 324 years ago –

A rare document published in 1698 was discovered at an event to evaluate old manuscripts in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK.

Thus, a volume written by Christianus Huygens reveals his fascination with the potential existence of aliens.

In “Conjectures on the inhabitants, plants and productions of the worlds on the planets”, the author wonders why God created other planets, “just to be seen” on Earth, according to BBC News.

In his opinion, Christianus Huygens concludes that aliens must be beings who have hands and feet, like humans because of their “convenience”. He suggests that aliens enjoy astronomy and observation, boating, and listening to music, but they have also suffered misfortunes, wars, and poverty “because that leads us to invention and progress.”

The book is an extremely rare find, and it could have a fairly high starting price at an auction (somewhere between £ 2,000-3,000), which will take place on July 5, 2022 at the Hansons Library Auction at Bishon Hall in Staffordshire. .

Discovering the unusual book of the seventeenth century, evaluator Jim Spencer said: on Jupiter or Saturn, before looking at the night sky ”.

Even though the content of the rare book seems “comic”, the author still had scientific knowledge from that time. “And who knows how our own thoughts will be about these issues of people looking back 324 years,” Spencer said.

The reviewer of the volume said that browsing the pages gives you a “curious feeling” because of his subject that belongs to the future or science fiction, “even though the writer speaks to us from the past.”

“I think the subject is so compelling because it makes us laugh at what they didn’t know, while we look at the heavens and realize that’s still a mystery,” Spencer added.