How Victor Angelo starts his new opinion on the G20 -

How Victor Angelo starts his new opinion on the G20 –

“Today I am not writing about Ukraine, although I recognize that it is essential to keep the subject at the forefront of the public communication agenda,” said Victor Angelo, an international security adviser; former UN Under-Secretary-General, new opinion published in Diario de Noticias.

G20, a model for tomorrow’s Security Council

Thus, “This, in fact, is one of the great risks of this crisis: the Putinists, their neo-Stalinist and neo-fascist relatives, not to mention useful idiots who search the media and crouch in the open, would like to see the Russian invasion that it disappears from the first page. Nowadays, what disappears from the first page is easy to ignore. These people think it is convenient to forget the aggression decided by Vladimir Putin, who, moreover, has nothing to do with geopolitics – if it were so, the autocrat would have a different attitude towards the accession candidacies of Finland and Sweden to NATO, not to mention the Baltic countries for the time being. It is now clear that Putin is dreaming of the old story of the historical destiny of Mother Russia.

This time, I am not addressing the subject of NATO either. It will be the subject of future chronicles. Even if I know what was written there, including a whole page, in a well-known weekly – a torrent that highlights at least two shortcomings: that the author does not know how to build the NATO budget; and that he attaches importance to the Secretary-General of the organization which he does not have. Jens Stoltenberg is a skilled facilitator, with a good presence, cautious in statements, a balancer who makes a virtue of weak oratorical skills. But power does not belong to him. She resides in several Member States, starting with the USA, but not only. See how much countries like Poland or Latvia weigh, for example, without forgetting the example of Turkey. To claim, without hesitation, that Stoltenberg gives order in Europe, or in the West, is the stupidity of someone who talks a lot about the little or nothing he knows “, shows Diario de Noticias.

China’s attempt to turn the BRIC into a bloc equivalent to the G7

In his opinion, “Someone suggested I write about the recent BRIC summit, which took place in Beijing on June 23, the year of the Chinese presidency. China’s attempt to turn the BRIC countries into a political and economic bloc capable of being an alternative to the G-7 has become clear. And for that, it is trying to introduce a new format that includes, in addition to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, other emerging countries, Argentina in Latin America, Egypt, Nigeria and Senegal in Africa and others such as Thailand. , Indonesia or even Kazakhstan. Here I would make two remarks, after recognizing China’s economic dynamism and the relative share of other members in the world economy. First of all, the BRIC countries, like the G-7, talk about cooperation and multilateralism, but they are, in fact, blocs inspired by rivalry and hegemony. Secondly, if I had to choose between democracy and human security practiced in the BRIC countries or in the G-7, I would certainly prefer the Japanese model, for example, that of neighboring China. The values ​​of freedoms and human rights are fundamental criteria.

The potential of the G20

In reality, my goal is to highlight the potential that exists at the G-20 level. It is the only organization outside the United Nations system that can bring together the powerful forces of the North and the South. Therefore, it should be seen as a good bet in terms of international political and economic cooperation. And today it is essential to talk again about cooperation and complementarity, given the challenges we all face. Leaders must leave purely antagonistic discourses.

G-20 foreign ministers met yesterday in Bali, Indonesia. Despite the tense atmosphere, no one missed the call, not even Antony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov. There is no bilateral discussion between the two. The hostility between Russia and the USA is much too great, unfortunately it does not leave room for a meeting at this level. But Blinken met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi and was positive. He pointed out that the G-20 opens up opportunities, that it is a platform that should be maintained and strengthened. Its composition foreshadows, to some extent, what would be a modern version of the UN Security Council, concludes Victor Angelo, adviser on international security.