Hungarian press: Orbán tries the sea with his finger and asks

Photo source: Budapest Beacon.

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The European Union should drop sanctions against Russia by the end of this year, as they are more damaging to European economies than Russia’s, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a closed-door meeting with his party’s lawmakers. , I BELIEVE The statements appear in the pro-government newspaper Magyar Nemzet, which cites internal party sources.

Orbán told his MPs in a closed-door meeting that the sanctions have affected Europe’s economy more than Russia’s, and that lifting the sanctions would calm inflation and reduce the risk of a recession, according to sources cited by the Hungarian daily .

Orbán, widely seen as the closest EU leader to Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, has frequently attacked EU sanctions, but this is the first time he appears to be explicitly calling for them to be lifted.

The statements attributed to Orbán come at a time when the EU stands firm and continues to block Hungary’s access to post-pandemic funding, citing corruption.

What else did Orbán tell his MPs about the war and Europe’s energy crisis?

According to information cited by Magyar Nemzet, Viktor Orbán began his speech by saying that the war between Ukraine and Russia is no longer a local one, as the sanctions imposed on Russia have turned it into a global economic war.

In his opinion, it is now clear to everyone that we should expect a protracted war, we should prepare for the fact that this war will continue in our neighborhood this year, and next year as well. According to the prime minister from Budapest, this is the reason why the security and protection of the economic and national sovereignty of Hungary has become a more important issue than ever for the country, which is why he decided to create a national defense fund.

“We withdrew ordinary soldiers from the borders, we created special army units at the borders, and now more soldiers are needed, who must prepare to defend their country”, he emphasized.

According to Viktor Orbán’s assessment, the war worries people, they follow its events, but what directly affects Hungarian families is currently inflation.

The Prime Minister stated that before the elections, Budapest’s assessments showed that the economy would develop in a predictable and positive manner, despite the war. However, because economic and trade sanctions against Russia were accepted in Brussels, including sanctions on oil imports, then on natural gas, from June onwards the price of natural gas doubled in one month and then tripled in next month.

The prime minister pointed out that if the sanctions were lifted, prices would immediately halve and inflation would also fall.

Without sanctions, Europe’s economy would regain strength and avoid the looming recession, he added.

According to Orbán, when the sanctions were imposed by Brussels earlier this summer, European bureaucrats had promised something else, namely that the sanctions were meant to weaken Russia, not the European peoples. Since then, adds the Hungarian Prime Minister, it has become clear that the introduced sanctions cause more damage to Europe than to Russia.

According to information cited by the Hungarian publication, there will be an important political opportunity to revise the sanctions regime in November, so Orbán has asked his loyal MPs to do everything possible to ensure that Europe withdraws these sanctions by the latest the end of the year.