Hungary aims to achieve energy autonomy, more

Hungary aims to achieve energy autonomy, more

Hungary intends to achieve energy autonomy, said the Hungarian Minister of Technology and Industry, stressing that the energy system would become more environmentally friendly and clean. He also said that the energy system will achieve targets such as emissions.

In the energy context, the main objective of the plan for the Hungarian energy system is to make this system more environmentally friendly and cleaner, to achieve emission targets, and to achieve the country’s energy autonomy, said the Minister of Technology and Industry. a telephone conversation in Luxembourg.

After the meeting of the energy ministers of the EU member states, László Palkovics told the details of his meeting with the Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, stating that Hungary should be as independent as possible from the countries in the region in terms of energy supply.

László Palkovics said: “Hungary began to become independent in terms of energy supply more than a decade ago, and now has transit points for natural gas and electricity from all neighboring countries.”

Energy situation based on local production

Hungary is also looking at ways to create an energy situation based on local production, in case it does not receive energy from any external direction, the Hungarian official added.

Specifically, the Minister of Technology and Industry stated that Hungary has modified its energy system plan to meet the climate targets set for 2030 and to be able to move towards the 2050 targets.

Hungary is planning acquisitions that can make the economy greener or provide energy storage solutions.

In addition, Hungary wants the European Union to contribute to the financing of investments, because – said the Hungarian Minister of Energy – the program not only aims at solutions for Hungary, but can also provide solutions to the problem of Europe’s energy independence.

Hungary’s supply of natural gas is assured

Moreover, László Palkovics stated that Hungary’s supply of natural gas is assured. However, given that supply could be cut off or shut down, the government will do its utmost to secure the country’s energy stock.

Regarding the level of loading of gas tanks in Hungary, the Minister reminded that they must be filled to at least 80% of their capacity before the winter season 2022-2023. The storage volume set for Hungary is already over two-thirds, added László Palkovics