Hungary will not support Ukraine in the current conflict

Hungary will not support Ukraine in the current conflict

In Europe, tensions between Ukraine and Russia are growing and growing worldwide, but more and more powers seem to be retreating. After Joe Biden announced that he would not send US troops to Ukraine, now, Hungary surprises the world with his announcement.

Thus, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto sent a clear message in the context of current tensions. According to him, Hungary will not support Ukraine in its current conflict with Russia as long as Kiev continues to deprive the Hungarian minority of its rights.

In addition, the Hungarian official also stressed that his country maintains a relationship of “mutual respect” with Moscow, and if Ukraine does not give up such policies, the support from Hungary is strongly “limited”.

In his opinion, “If the Ukrainians do not give up these policies, the possibilities of the Hungarian government to support Ukraine, including in the current conflict, are severely limited,” the head of Hungarian diplomacy said in a statement to the daily Magyarnemzet, quoted by EFE.

At the same time, Szijjarto also stressed that ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine live “deprived of their rights and, in some cases, end up suffering physical harassment,” and “this is unacceptable.”

In the political and social context, this topic has been debated recently in Hungary. At a meeting with his NATO counterparts earlier this month, he also described as “unacceptable” the fact that the Kiev government is using the challenges in eastern Ukraine as an excuse to continue to restrict the rights of national minorities, including ethnic Hungarians. Transcarpathia.

Hungary’s relations with Russia

At present, Hungary’s relations with Russia, in the current context of military tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border and US and European Union threats of sanctions against Moscow in the event of an attack on Ukraine, Peter Szijjarto said in a statement to Magyarnemzet that “Hungarian interests it consists of pragmatic relations based on mutual respect with Russia “, adding that” dialogue has no alternative “.

This reaction to the Hungarian official comes after the White House stated on Tuesday in a communiqué that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, does not intend to send unilaterally to the American military in Ukraine, Reuters reports. At the same time, the quoted source also underlines the fact that NATO is a forum in which the partners are the ones who need to be supported.

The US presidency statement reads: “To be clear, there is no intention or interest or desire on the part of the president to send troops to Ukraine. NATO is a forum for the support of our partners and the countries on the eastern flank, and the focus is on that. “

In the current bilateral context, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is scheduled to meet with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on February 1.

On the other hand, the Hungarian opposition asked him to cancel his visit, considering it detrimental to Hungary’s national interests in the current situation.