Hyundai launches free electric taxi service

Photo source: Twitter / Hyundai Worldwide.

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South Korean carmaker Hyundai has launched a new ride-hailing service with fully autonomous taxis in South Korea. The new service is called RoboRide, and the company’s fleet currently consists of only two Hyundai Ioniq 5 cars with level 4 autonomy. The service is active only in Seoul, the capital of the Asian country, writes Automarket.

Soon, more and more cities around the world will have self-driving taxis. Already, in some parts of the globe, such as Las Vegas, autonomous electric cars are being tested that will enter the fleets of current and future ride-hailing and ride-sharing companies. These initiatives are also supported by some manufacturers such as Hyundai.

In fact, the South Korean manufacturer has just launched such a service in the city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. This is called RoboRide and is a ride-hailing service with electric and fully autonomous cars. The fleet of the new public transport service consists of two Hyundai Ioniq 5 units, equipped with a level 4 autonomous system.

Hyundai will partner with Jin Mobility, which also owns a stand-alone car ride service called iM. For now, this service is a pilot project and will only operate in the Gangnam district of Seoul between 10 a.m. .

Moreover, in this phase, the two cars will carry only three passengers each, and in the driver’s seat there will be a person who will monitor the trip and intervene on the car in case of emergency.

Hyundai wants to launch the new service in other parts of the country in the near future, even in other countries.