If Russia uses nuclear weapons, the US will not retaliate

If Russia uses nuclear weapons, the US will not retaliate

The United States presents the bleakest scenario yet. If Russia uses nuclear weapons, a devastating strike will occur, but not nuclear.

Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons in Ukraine at any time. In this regard, retired General Ben Hodges, who was also the European commander of the US Army, presented the bleakest scenario yet.

He announces that if Vladimir Putin ends up using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, then the United States will retaliate with “a devastating blow” against the Russian military.

Specifically, he explains that the United States could also try to “destroy the Black Sea fleet or destroy Russian bases in Crimea.”

The US is preparing a “devastating” blow to Russia, but not nuclear

In his view, General Hodges claims that there is currently very little chance that Vladimir Putin will order a nuclear strike on Ukraine, given that his country could also be affected.

However, the more pessimistic scenario is also taken into account. In this sense, the American official says that the use of weapons of mass destruction will lead to a quick reaction from the American President Joe Biden, something that Vladimir Putin knows very well.

“Putin knows the US will have to respond if Russia uses a nuclear weapon,” General Hodges told MailOnline.

However, the US will not respond with a nuclear attack if necessary, but could prepare a “devastating strike” that will destroy the Black Sea fleet, located near Romania’s borders.

The US could destroy the Black Sea fleet

In his remarks, “The US response may not be nuclear…but it could very well be a devastating strike that could, for example, destroy the Black Sea fleet or destroy Russian bases in Crimea. So, I think President Putin and those around him will be reluctant to draw the US into direct conflict,” he added.

On the other hand, regarding the evolution of the war in Ukraine, Ben Hodges claims that it could take months before Russian reservists can be properly equipped and then deployed in Ukraine.

In his explanations, “Without massive artillery support, these new soldiers will be cannon fodder, sitting in cold, wet trenches this winter as Ukrainian forces continue to press,” he added.