If Russia will be declared a state sponsor of terrorism,

If Russia will be declared a state sponsor of terrorism,

A bleak global scenario where Vladimir Putin could be dealt a heavy blow by the US. Russia risks being declared a state sponsor of terrorism, sources cited by Politico said.

Almost half a year after the start of the war in Ukraine, the State Department is warning Congress about such a move.

Sources close to the matter told Politico that the State Department recently quietly conveyed to congressional leaders that it was concerned about Russia being labeled a state sponsor of terrorism.

As for the concerns of the US, according to the cited sources, this includes a series of possible retaliations by Moscow such as the violation of the Istanbul agreement that provides for the resumption of long-awaited grain exports around the globe.

Russia could face new sanctions

Should these things come to fruition, Russia could be dealt a heavy blow. The cited sources say that the sanctions would come automatically once Russia is declared a state sponsor of terrorism.

Their purpose is to prevent anyone in the private sector from getting involved in the shipping agreement. At the same time, “economic relations related to nuclear materials are also a reason why the State Department has reservations,” the quoted sources say.

At the moment, the USA has a black list of states declared as state sponsors of terrorism which is a rather short one. It is about North Korea, Syria, Cuba, but also Iran.

Russia could be declared a state sponsor of terrorism

As early as last month, discussions regarding these issues have emerged. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Secretary of State Antony Blinken in July that if she wouldn’t put Russia on the terrorism blacklist, then Congress might.

From then until now, the Senate wasted no time and as a result unanimously passed a non-binding resolution urging Blinken to do so. After the resolution was passed, a bill followed that was initiated by a group of members of the House of Representatives.

The document stipulates that Russia would be designated a state sponsor of terrorism, without taking into account the head of diplomacy in Washington, states Politico.