In which destination in the Mediterranean have become more expensive

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Greece is the Mediterranean country where hotel prices have risen the most this summer compared to 2019 (the last prepandemic year).

Mabrian (a Spanish tourism data analysis company) conducted a study of average hotel prices, by room type, for the main Mediterranean destinations.

The conclusion of the study, quoted by SpotMedia, is that general prices are rising compared to 2019, but not everywhere – and Greece is the big surprise, with increases of up to 110% in 5-star rooms.

The rate increase is 19% for 3-star hotels and 62% for 4-star hotels.

Prices also rose in Spain (by 7% to 3 stars and by 5% to 4 stars) and Italy (by 6% to 3 stars), while in Portugal prices for 3-star hotels stagnated.

France is the only major tourist market in which prices have fallen for both 3-star hotels (-12%) and 4-star hotels (-11%).

Meanwhile, prices in Egypt rose sharply in all three categories, by 25%, 40.9% and 48.3%.

The study was conducted for accommodations made between July 25 and August 7.