Instagram was fined 405 million euros, because

Instagram was fined 405 million euros, because

Today, the Irish data privacy regulator has fined Instagram €405 million following an investigation into how it handled children’s data.

In his statement, “We adopted the final decision last Friday and it contains a fine of €405 million,” said a spokesman for the Irish data protection commissioner, who is the main regulator of Instagram’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc.

In fact, the penalty is the second largest penalty imposed under the European Union’s strict privacy rules, after Luxembourg regulators fined Amazon 746 million euros last year.

Meta, Instagram’s parent company, which also owns Facebook and may appeal the decision, did not respond to a request for comment. Full details of the investigation will not be released until next week.

Specifically, the Irish watchdog’s investigation focused on how Instagram exposed the personal details of users between the ages of 13 and 17, including email addresses and phone numbers. The minimum age for Instagram users is 13 years.

Under EU data privacy rules, the Irish supervisory authority is the main regulator for many US technology companies with European headquarters in Dublin.

In the context of the activity, the supervisory body has in progress a number of other investigations regarding the companies owned by Meta. Last year, it fined WhatsApp 225 million euros for violating transparency rules regarding the exchange of data with other Meta companies.

Meta is working on more paid features for Instagram and Facebook

Facebook’s parent company Meta is reportedly setting up a new team to develop “possible paid features” on its platforms.

The new division would be the first such team within Meta to also create paid features for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, The Verge reported, citing an internal company memo.

In the financial context, this latest move by Meta comes on the heels of the company’s first reported revenue decline in July, as well as a gloomy forecast for the third quarter.

It’s also consistent with an announcement made by company chief Mark Zuckerberg in June that paid features are being tested to roll out across all platforms.

So, “Developing more ways for creators to make money on Facebook and Instagram – and sharing updates that will help creators build for the metaverse,” says Mark Zuckerberg, writes The Independent.