It will take a generation to restore the body

It will take a generation to restore the body

Currently, Vladimir Putin is furious, not only that his plans in Ukraine were not achieved, but the way his Army behaved was humiliating, compared to Moscow’s propaganda.

Thus, international military experts have analyzed the situation on the ground and announce that the Russian Army will have to be largely rebuilt after this war.

The degradation of the army’s image is the worst possible news for Vladimir Putin, the image he carefully built all these years!

The Russian army, almost destroyed by the campaign in Ukraine!

According to a military analyst, he is of the opinion that the army built by Vladimir Putin during the two decades he was in power in Moscow was largely destroyed during the invasion of Ukraine and will have to be completely rebuilt.

Thus, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine turned into a strategic defeat. So far, the Kremlin has failed to achieve its strategic-level goals and has suffered significant costs. The Russian army will have to be rebuilt.

The conventional ground force of the army that the Kremlin has worked for the past two decades to build up – trying to create a modern army – this force has just been largely damaged and largely destroyed in the last six months of the war in Ukraine.

It is very fair to say that the Russian conventional ground force has taken a significant beating in Ukraine. It will have to be rebuilt,” George Barros, a military analyst at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), told Business Insider.

Moscow’s military propaganda will no longer be heeded

Concretely, the number of victims suffered by the Russians is difficult to confirm, but according to some estimates from the US, the Russian Army could face the loss of 80,000 soldiers, including senior officers, including generals.

In his opinion, it will take “a generation to recreate” the Russian officer corps, and this “will certainly have a long-term strategic impact on the assessment of Russia’s conventional army,” adds George Barros.

In fact, a similar position comes from the Ministry of Defense in London, which conveys that the 1st Guards Tank Army and other units of the Western Military District suffered heavy losses in the war in Ukraine and, for this reason, “the conventional force of Russia designed to counter NATO is seriously weakened”.

In his assertions, “Much of their ability to make their propaganda effective was based on their actual skill on the battlefield, which seemed to be quite strong in places like Syria.

Now they are basically unable to achieve their goals, unable to show that there is an integration between the ground fighters, the air force and the other units – which will surely bring them down.

The fact that they didn’t win on the ground will make their propaganda much less effective,” emphasizes Robert Orttung, professor of international affairs at George Washington University.

Mass grave with almost 500 dead, discovered in Izium

Another black ball won by Russia, in the latest news from Ukraine, in his latest video speech to the Ukrainians, President Zelensky announced that a “mass grave” had been discovered in Izium, a town in the Kharkiv region recently liberated by forces of Kiev.

In his clarifications, “A mass grave was found at Izium, in the Kharkiv region. The necessary actions have already started there. Tomorrow (Friday – ed.) we will have clearer, verified information. There will be Ukrainian and foreign journalists at Izium. We want the world to know what is really happening and what the Russian occupation led to.

Bucea, Mariupol, now, unfortunately, Izium… The traces of death left by Russia are everywhere. And she must be held accountable for it. Russia must hold Russia accountable for this war. We will do everything for this,” said Volodymyr Zelensky.

Therefore, about 440 bodies were found in that mass grave, says Serghei Botvinov, a regional police official, according to Sky News. Some victims would have been shot, and others would have been killed by the bombings, Botvinov added.