Italian authorities have seized Russian oligarchs

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The Italian government has seized 140 million euros worth of international sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs, including the confiscation of two yachts, a villa and several luxury properties of businessmen close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. EFE.

“Measures are being taken to block movable and immovable property belonging to Russian citizens on the Italian sanctions list, amounting to 140 million euros, on Italian territory. A first operation with a 65 million euro ship has already been completed. Other measures are being taken, “the Ministry of Economy said on Friday, according to Agerpres.

This is the “Lady M” mega-yacht, anchored in Imperia, on the coast of Liguria, in northwestern Italy, owned by Alexei Mordashov, president of the metallurgical and energy conglomerate Severstal, which also owns a third of the shares of the largest travel agency of the world, YOU.

The billionaire, who, according to Forbes magazine, was the fourth richest man in Russia in 2021, distanced himself in the last days from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and deplored the sanctions imposed on him by the European Union due to his ties with the bank Rossia, which the EU says has benefited from Russia’s annexation of Crimea, as well as a group that controls media outlets spreading the Russian government’s version of the war.

Later, another warrant was issued and executed against Gennady Timchenko’s “Lena” yacht in the port of San Remo (northwest), with an estimated value of about 50 million euros, according to the same sources.

Timchenko is the founder of the Volga Group, with key investments in the Russian economy, and is considered by the EU to be “one of Putin’s confidants,” with whom he has had a close personal relationship since the 1990s.

Authorities in Italy have also seized a luxury villa owned by Russian-Uzbek gas tycoon Elisha Usmanov, a friend of Putin’s, on the exclusive Costa Smeralda (Sardinia), valued at 17 million euros.

And in the northern province of Como, several luxury properties worth about 8 million euros belonging to tycoon and popular TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev were confiscated.