Japan, additional sanctions against Russia. What the

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Japan today announced a series of additional sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, measures that will target the financial sector and exports of electronic components.

“We will have a strong response,” Russian Ambassador Mikhail Galuzin told a news conference in Tokyo, according to Digi 24.

In addition to the first sanctions announced on Wednesday, the new measures adopted by Tokyo “include the freezing of some assets and the suspension of the issuance of visas for Russian people and organizations”, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on Friday after an online meeting of G7 leaders. more industrialized seven countries.

Kishida also announced a series of sanctions “in the financial sector, such as a freeze on assets targeting Russian financial institutions,” as well as measures “on exports to Russian arms-related organizations” and on “general purpose goods such as semiconductors and articles.” which is on a shortlist based on international agreements “, without giving further details yet. Semiconductors are essential electronic components of consumer products, from cars and video game consoles to smartphones, and there is a worldwide shortage of them.

The United States has also announced controls on exports of sensitive components to Russia. The Japanese prime minister called on Russia to “immediately withdraw its troops” from Ukraine “and to abide by international law.” Earlier, US President Joe Biden announced on Twitter that G7 leaders had agreed to “devastating” sanctions against Russia in response to the attack on Ukraine.

Russia’s relations with Japan . These islands were taken over by the Soviet army in the last days of the war and have never been returned to Japan, which calls them the “Northern Territories”.