Joseph Wu: “China used these exercises to

Joseph Wu: “China used these exercises to

A new war threatens the whole globe. The announcement was made by Taiwan’s foreign minister. The official talked about the non-stop Chinese military exercises around the island since Nancy Pelosi’s visit until now.

According to his information, the purpose of the exercises is to prepare for the invasion of the country. “China used these exercises to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan,” said Joseph Wu. At the same time, the official launched a call to the international community to support the defense of “peace and stability along the Taiwan Strait”, according to Reuters.

At the same time, he also added that Taiwan will not be intimidated by China, even though the middle line of the strait has been repeatedly violated.

Thus, “They are conducting large-scale military exercises, missile launches and cyber attacks, a campaign of disinformation and economic coercion in an attempt to demoralize the people of Taiwan,” the diplomat added.

China does not want to stop military exercises

The clarifications of the official from Taiwan come in the context in which, after the visit of the head of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, to Taipei, the tensions between Taiwan and China have reached maximum levels.

More precisely, Beijing considers this visit an affront to its sovereignty, and as a response, the Chinese army started aggressive exercises around the island, which did not end even on Sunday, a day when normally, according to official announcements, it would have been the last one.

A reaction in this regard also came from China, which confirmed that the military exercises will not stop anytime soon. During Monday, the Eastern command of the Chinese troops announced that it will continue with new maritime assault and anti-submarine exercises.

China’s response after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

In the political context, these tensions do not exist much between China and Taiwan but also between Beijing and the US. After the US official’s visit to Taipei, China closed many of its communications channels with the United States, including talks on climate change.

Regarding the scenario of the start of a new war, the head of Chinese diplomacy, Wang Wenbin, said on Monday that Beijing has never ruled out taking over Taiwan by force.

On the other hand, he added that the Chinese military conducted “normal military exercises in our waters in an open, transparent and professional manner.” “Taiwan is part of China,” he added.