Kim Jong-un said "full support" for Russia -

Kim Jong-un said “full support” for Russia –

North Korea’s support for Russia will make Vladimir Putin feel indebted to Kim Jong-un. It is a terrifying prospect, given the ballistic missile tests of the Pyongyang regime.

While the United States has a strong stance on Pyongyang’s nuclear tests and wants the United Nations to punish the North Korean regime with harsher sanctions, President Vladimir Putin could prevent this, says international relations expert Donald Kirk.

He claims that President Kim Jong-un could make the most of his strong relationship with Putin to ensure that Russia will block any UN move, reports The Mirror.

Kim offers full support for Russia

Specifically, Kim and Putin met for the first time in 2019, in the port city of Russia, Vladivostok. But the Moscow-Pyongyang alliance seems to have cemented itself better lately, thanks to North Korea’s support for invading Ukraine.

Last month, Kim Jong Un expressed “full support” for Russia and for what he called “the just cause for protecting dignity and security,” according to Russian state agency Ria Novosti.

The North Korean leader said relations between the two countries, both under Western sanctions, would continue to “develop dynamically.”

In March, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calling on Moscow to withdraw all forces from Ukraine immediately.

Then, 141 countries voted for the resolution, 5 were against and 35 abstained. Russia, Belarus, which is involved in the invasion, Syria, Eritrea and North Korea voted against the document.

Putin could begin to reward Kim’s loyalty

Now, if Putin decides to reward Kim for his loyalty, even rhetorically, he could start supplying him with heavy weapons and spare parts.

In terms of armaments, concerns arise as North Korea gives increasing priority to repairing or replacing all MiGs and other fighter jets, bombers and transport aircraft inherited from the time of the dynasty’s founder, Kim Il -sung.

Specifically, among the outdated planes is Shenyang J-5, a Chinese copy of the MiG-17 Fresco. North Koreans are believed to have a fleet of 106 such fighter jets. Another plane is Shenyang J-6, also copies of the Chinese but this time of MIG-19 Farmer, from this model aviation having around 97 such aircraft.

What do the two leaders have in common

There are rumors that Vladimir Putin should restore relations with Pyongyang, as they were before the demise of the Soviet empire, and show his support by transporting food and other goods to North Korea. Especially since both Putin and Kim Jong Un have one thing in common: they both boast that they can destroy their enemies with “their nuclear forces.”

In the spring, North Korea tested a new weapons system, the North Korean state media said, saying it would “increase the range of long-range artillery” and “increase the effectiveness of its tactical nuclear weapons.” The test was overseen by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the KCNA said, without specifying the exact date.

So, North Korea has tested nuclear weapons six times since 2006 and boasted of the success of the 2017 test – a hydrogen bomb with an estimated power of 250 kilotons.