Latin hysteria Queues at gas stations in Spain after

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In Spain, drivers have started queuing to power their cars. Does that sound familiar to you? The most sought after are the so-called low-cost gas stations, where prices are almost 30 cents lower than regular gas stations, where a liter of fuel exceeds even 2 euros.

In Madrid, dozens of drivers lined up, scared of rising fuel prices. Fuel in smaller gas stations, which have no shops or staff and are much cheaper.

“Gasoline is cheaper here and it’s quality, so I come here to refuel. This is the situation we are in: Europe is at war. “

“It’s worth it, because in the end you save around 15-20 euros.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Every day the price goes up by 15-20 cents and nobody does anything to stop it “.

In Spain, inflation reached 7.6% in February, the highest level in 35 years. Fuel, energy and food have become more expensive. And the specialists warn that the economic effects caused by the sanctions imposed on Russia will be seen only in a few weeks, TVR announces.