Mark Hertling, former commander of the United States Army al

Mark Hertling, former commander of the United States Army al

An announcement, coming in the middle of the night from the war in Ukraine, is one that few expected. From the first information, the Russians in the Kherson region are preparing to surrender following the Ukrainian counter-offensive launched in recent days. The news came from an important American general.

Thus, the Russian forces in Kherson are one step away from surrendering, being surprised by the Ukrainian counter-offensive of late. The information was provided by retired General Mark Hertling, the former commander of the United States Army in Europe.

He recently commented on a series of videos of a front-line Ukrainian soldier showing destroyed Russian positions in Kherson and suggested that Russian forces in the region may surrender soon, according to Newsweek.

Concretely, since March 2022, the Kherson region has been almost entirely controlled by Russian troops, this being the first major city in Ukraine to fall into the hands of the invaders. However, Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive to retake the port city.

In the context of Hertling’s analysis on Twitter, the footage indicated extremely poor soldier discipline, horrible training, poor management, high-ranking officers not performing their duties, a lack of standards, low morale among the military, and even the possibility that they get sick and surrender.

In addition, Hertling said that Ukrainian forces have begun an “operational contour,” or countering the enemy’s ability to maneuver, using a combination of long- and short-range artillery strikes, special forces to strike behind enemy lines, small units and offensive actions.

Ukraine recently launched a counter-offensive

From a strategic point of view, recently, Ukraine has set up its counteroffensive, while Russia has fought defensively to secure its territory, Hertling also explained.

These actions lowered Russian morale, resulting in the death of many Russian soldiers and the destruction of their equipment. Launching a counteroffensive was a “brilliant” strategy, according to Hertling, because the large Russian force there has a river behind their line and limited supplies. In recent days, Ukraine has used the M142 High Mobility Artillery Missile (HIMAR) system to destroy bridges while attacking Russian troops.

Regionally, reports indicate that Ukraine has been involved in heavy fighting in Vysokopille, Arkhangelsk and Potemkin. Meanwhile, it appears that Russian forces are returning to Berislav. From there, it will be very difficult for them to retreat across the very wide river. Kherson only has two bridges,” said Hertling.

In conclusion, Ukraine’s attacks with precision weapons are “confounding” the Russian military, which already has very low morale, weak leadership and limited supplies, the American general said.