Mihai Tudose: “The European Commission has done everything

“Things went crazy. We talk about solidarity, but only when some want us to be in solidarity with them. When it comes to Romania’s access to Schengen or other things, someone doesn’t want it. I witnessed a hallucinatory speech by the president of the European Commission, who seemed to be talking about another Europe. We’re diving in the boat, and someone tells us we’re going to get some wetness. 30 years ago we killed two people for keeping people in the cold, we’re starting over. In the last two years, the European Commission has dealt with all the crises, with measures taken in the wrong way. I did my duty to my electorate and I told them that I was wrong”, said Mihai Tudose on Realitatea Plus.

Asked if Romanians should save on energy, Mihai Tudose answered more like a sovereign MEP, not like one from the group of socialists and social democrats.

“I don’t save money if I turn off a light bulb or if I turn the central heating to 19 degrees, when I lose a lot of energy, through walls, through windows, in public buildings, in people’s homes. There are European projects and programs, there is European money, we are doing tires, energy efficiency, to speak in the language of Brussels. That’s okay. And then, with energy efficiency, you gain 15-20-30%, in certain cases, you reduce consumption, which eases the financial burden on the consumer, because he pays less, becomes more efficient. Things have evolved, they have a different yield, that energy efficiency carried to the end. But this idea of ​​saving, of staying in the dark, of staying in the cold, I don’t agree with,” said Mihai Tudose.