Money Working - For Or Against Your Family

Money Working – For Or Against Your Family

You need to ask yourself if money is working ‘FOR’ or ‘AGAINST’ your family. A lot of families are facing crises due to monetary problems. Is money working for your family or against your family? You need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How much does my spouse know about me financially?

2. Am I really handling my family finance rightly?

3. Do I need more money or better management?

4. Which extravagant expenses of my family finance do I need to cut or stop?

5. What kind of ‘MONEY PERSONALTY’ am I?

6. What do I need to do better about my family finance?

7. When will I move into my own house?

8. If I should die now (God forbid), within how many months will my family start suffering?

9. Am I really handling money rightly in my marriage?

10. How much can I really account for in my last year income?

11. Has my financial intelligence improved compared to last year?

12. Am I really better than my parent in the area of money management?

13. What is my real worth?

14. Is money really working for or against my family?

Answer these 14 questions sincerely. It will change a lot of things about you and prepare you for financial freedom. Discover your own money personality and that of your spouse. There is a need for you to study your financial capability in order to know the rate of your financial prudence. An extravagant spending will definitely affect the progress of your family.

Source by Bisi Adewale