Moscow approves a list of “hostile” states to which Russia will

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Russian authorities have drawn up a list of countries “hostile” to Russia, to which Russian citizens and businesses can repay their debts in rubles – a currency that has depreciated by 45% since January – the Russian government announced on Monday.

The list of countries, based on a presidential decree issued by Vladimir Putin on Friday, includes the European Union (EU), Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Monaco, South Korea, the United States, Switzerland and Japan. , informs news.ro.

According to the official Russian agency Tass, these countries are committing “unfriendly actions” against Russia, the Russians and Russian companies.

Tass also cites the United Kingdom – including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar – Ukraine, Montenegro, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Northern Macedonia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan. .

All 26 countries and territories imposed or adopted sanctions on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

According to this decree, Russian citizens and Russian companies, as well as the Russian state, Russian regions and municipalities that have foreign currency obligations to creditors on this list of “unfriendly countries” will be able to pay these obligations in rubles.

This new provision applies to payments of more than ten million rubles per month or the equivalent in foreign currency.


Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses the West, in a Twitter post, of aggravating the situation, following a multiplication of the economic sanctions imposed on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine.

“The sanctions imposed are the equivalent of a declaration of war,” he said.

The Kremlin leader denies that he has “any bad intentions towards our Ukrainian neighbors.”

Putin defended his warlike ambitions a few days ago.

“All of Russia’s actions are just responses to hostile actions against the Russian Federation,” he said.

Putin gives advice to the West in a message posted on Twitter.

“I would advise him not to aggravate the situation and not to impose sanctions,” he urged.