Moscow plans to recruit fighters from the East

Moscow plans to recruit fighters from the East

To continue hostilities in Ukraine, Moscow plans to recruit fighters from the Middle East to replenish its forces. To do so, Moscow will enter into contracts with Chechen and Syrian fighters.

How much money do they get to join the Russian army?

In its strategy, Moscow intends to take control of Ukrainian urban centers through this step, writes France Presse, which adds that contracts will be concluded with such fighters recruited in Middle Eastern countries for a period of six months, with remuneration. $ 200-300 a month.

In the military context, the international press also writes that almost three weeks after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all about 150,000 soldiers who had previously been recruited by Russia near the Ukrainian borders are already deployed on Ukrainian territory. According to the French General Staff, “the Russians have no reservations in the area.”

In his opinion, “Without massive material and human reinforcement, Russia will not capture Ukraine,” after “missing the first stage of the war,” failing to quickly gain decisive victories amid growing Ukrainian resistance. wait, says Mathieu Boulegue, a Russian specialist at the British think tank Chatham House.

16,000 Syrian volunteers are trained

Against this background, Russia says 16,000 Syrian volunteers are ready to join the Ukrainian front, a scenario approved by President Vladimir Putin, which has offered considerable military support to the Syrian regime since the fall of 2015, de facto saving Bashar al-Qaeda’s regime. -Assad.

Moreover, France Presse writes that if these reinforcements materialize on the ground, it would allow, among other things, Moscow to break its isolation on the international stage.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia is recruiting “Syrian assassins” to “destroy Ukraine.”

In the context of these actions, this is not the first time that Syrian militias have been mobilized on a war scene abroad – they have previously been deployed by Russia and Turkey in Libya and by Turkey in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The Russian military does not rule out the possibility of taking full control of major Ukrainian cities

On Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that it was not ruled out that the Russian military would take full control of major cities that had already been besieged, while several Ukrainian cities were under heavy bombing. , and heavy fighting is taking place in the suburbs of the capital Kyiv, which Russian troops want to encircle.

The full occupation of a city is generally a destructive operation, fighting at very short distances between ruins.

French military sources said that a favorable balance of power in an urban environment should be ten to one, given that the advantage is always on the side of the defender, who knows the terrain better, who can move. fast from one point to another and can benefit from the control of high points, such as buildings.