Ned Price believes that Vladimir Putin's speech

Ned Price believes that Vladimir Putin’s speech

U.S. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price commented on Vladimir Putin’s speech at a May 9 parade, which marked Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

In his opinion, Ned Price believes that Vladimir Putin’s speech is an insult to the victims in Ukraine, after the Kremlin leader declared that the Russian invasion, which began on February 24, is preventive.

Thus, “Talking about defensive action is blatant nonsense, talking about something other than a premeditated war is an affront to historical truth,” said US diplomat spokesman Ned Price.

In his opinion, Ned Price also said that “it is an insult to those who lost their lives and to those who were victims of this absurd oppression.”

Ukraine is not a threat

The Pentagon spokesman also said that there are Ukrainians in Ukraine and not Nazis, as the Russian Federation says. Vladimir Putin also said that the invasion of Ukraine was aimed at defeating Nazism, writes France Presse.

Regarding Vladimir Putin’s speech, “I heard the same bragging, the same fakes, the same lies in his rhetoric, which I heard from the beginning,” US Defense Ministry spokesman John Kirby told a news conference. of press.

Ned Price also said that “Ukraine is not a threat to Russia or anyone else,” stressing that Vladimir Putin’s attack was unjustified.

On the other hand, he also said that the United States of America (USA) would have liked to hear from Putin how the war will end and how Russian troops will withdraw from Ukraine.

Russia launched a new offensive on May 9th

On Monday, May 9, the Ukrainian army announced that the city of Odessa had been hit by four “high-precision” missiles, according to Sky News.

According to information provided by the Ukrainian authorities, four Onyx missiles hit the city of Odessa in southern Ukraine.

It appears that the missiles were launched from the Russian-controlled Crimean peninsula, the source said.

No details of the rocket targets or possible casualties are known at this time. Authorities are urging the public to be careful and avoid traveling in public areas.

Due to this event, the sirens of the Kyiv air defense system were started on Monday.