Netflix believes in creating a culture that empowers people

Netflix believes in creating a culture that empowers people

The revolutionary video streaming giant, Netflix, is rooted in modern society. Most people now use this type of video streaming.

Nowadays, although we’re used to hearing “Netflix and chill”, what we’re not used to hearing is “Netflix and their pioneering culture within the company,” and we should be. Because Netflix quickly gained a reputation for creating a company culture that made 70% of employees who left reviews on Glassdoor say they would recommend working for Netflix.

In this way, Netflix wanted to create a company culture built on freedom and responsibility. If you hire people who appreciate freedom and can take full responsibility and responsibility for their behavior and decisions, you will create a thriving culture and business.

Specifically, company leaders quickly recognized that stupid office benefits and sophisticated benefits would not add much value to the lives of their employees. In fact, the company’s Netflix culture doesn’t even revolve around financial incentives. On this topic, if you didn’t know, there is a complete manifesto of Netflix culture.

According to the company, “Our version of a great job is not made up of sushi lunches, great gyms, luxury offices or frequent parties. Our version of a great job is a dream team. A team looking for ambitious common goals. ”

It was described by Sheryl Sandberg as “the most important document ever published in the Valley.”

The test used by the giant to hire and retain the best employees

Thus, “Transforming an entire company into a dream team, instead of a few small groups, is a real challenge. Without a doubt, we need to hire the right people. ”

This is the notification that recently appeared on the website of one of the largest series and movie streaming platforms in the world.

Netflix has announced that it will tighten the requirements for its workforce. Certainly, if you are currently looking for a job, this may seem like the ideal job you are looking for. Being in the entertainment industry seems like a chance that very few have reached.

But for that you have to go through the “keeper text”. It is, in fact, a rigorous control of the staff through which you can not only be hired, but also fired, because the company’s goal is to seek maximum excellence from its employees. The test does not require immediate dismissal. Discuss and work on specific issues that can be improved.

What does this “keeper text” consist of?

Only in a hypothetical but very specific question, which allows only two answers, yes or no. In fact, it is “a way of taking the temperature of the work environment, a reflection to evaluate the work of people after a project or at some point in their career in the company,” Netflix sources told the BBC.

In the company’s context, the test consists of an “informal” process that does not understand deadlines, ie it takes place at random, in order to “stay with the best”. For the uninitiated, the company’s business culture is based on five principles:

Encourage employees to make independent decisions, Share information openly, extensively and deliberately, Be extremely honest with each other, Keep only very efficient people, No rules and no taxes,

according to Patty McCord, head of human resources, and Reed Hastings, CEO.

What if you say no?

A Netflix employee, who did not want to reveal her identity, says that this does not mean an immediate dismissal. They discuss and work on specific issues that the person can improve.

Let’s say that because of this somewhat awkward question, the boss can see what his employees think about him or the company’s shortcomings behind closed doors.

In her opinion, “There is a lot of feedback, a lot of information and parameters that must be taken into account before making the decision to fire a certain person,” said the employee.

But not everyone welcomes this staff selection measure. The process is not without controversy. According to Bloomberg columnist Joe Nocera, many employees described the test as part of a “culture of fear” or “the law of the strongest.”

Thus, “I have no doubt that many employees have been severely fired. Netflix is ​​growing so fast that I suspect the forms have become much worse than they should have been, ”according to Bloomberg columnist Joe Nocera.

Specifically, a 2017 report by the Society for Human Resource Management states that 8% of Netflix’s workforce has been laid off in the last year. A slightly higher percentage than the rest of American society, whose dismissal rate was 6%.

The data also show that only 4% of the employees of the online platform decide to leave their job voluntarily. Last year, the company announced the offer of 13,000 jobs at its new headquarters in Spain, located in the Madrid municipality of Tres Cantos, which will become the headquarters of Netflix throughout Europe.

“The staff will be supplemented by the cast, crew and extras who will work in 20 original productions across the country,” the press release said.