New Russian properties frozen by Bercy - Financiarul

New Russian properties frozen by Bercy – Financiarul

France is currently stepping up its hunt for Russian oligarchs. This Tuesday, the Ministry of Economy and Finance added a dozen properties to the list of frozen buildings in the territory, according to information from Le Parisien.

Currently, 64 properties are located in Paris, the Alps, the French Riviera and the Basque Country or the West Indies. From a financial point of view, all this represents a total of 700 million euros based on the purchase price of the various properties, so without taking into account the increase in real estate prices. The value of these goods is, it seems, much higher, writes

At the same time, among those punished are the famous Roman Abramovich, but also “Viktor Rashnikov, the majority shareholder of one of the largest steel producers in the world” and the oligarch Arkadi Rotenberg. In Paris, in the 7th arrondissement, the buildings are mainly targeted by the French tax services. At the corner of Rue de Solférino and Quai Anatole-France, they once served as the European headquarters of the Pernod-Ricard group. Purchased between 2012 and 2013 for 29 million euros and transformed into residential apartments, the real estate complex could now be worth over 100 million euros.

There is only one man hiding behind the four owners of civil real estate companies

The daily “Le Parisien” explains that behind the four owners of civil real estate (SCI) of the complex hides a single man, a certain Aleksei Viktorovici Kuzmitshev, a billionaire close to Vladimir Putin whose villa in Saint-Tropez was also ice cream. The man is a shareholder of Alfa Group, a “private private financial-industrial conglomerate in Russia”, according to the daily.

Also affected by this new list are several apartments in the same building in Neuilly-sur-Seine, owned by Olga Aiziman, the ex-wife of the founder of the same Alfa group, valued at more than ten million euros, or Château du Clos-Renard, in Yvelines, owned by the son of a Russian deputy.

In addition to these frozen properties, the tax services also targeted yachts, cargo ships, helicopters, works of art and financial assets, totaling € 24 billion.