Official EC: Reducing gas flows by Russia is

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Russia’s reduction in gas flows in Europe is an extremely dishonest act, a European Commission official said on Wednesday, adding that plans to expand coal use in the EU bloc are temporary and climate targets remain intact, Reuters reports.

“Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has resulted in an emergency in the EU,” said Elina Bardram, director of international affairs and funding for climate change efforts at the European Commission’s Brussels Energy Forum.

“Following this extremely dishonest action by the Putin administration regarding the abrupt reduction of gas flows by Gazprom, we will take some important measures, but they will be temporary,” the official said, referring to the use of coal. .

Last week, gas supplies from Russia through the Nord Stream key pipeline fell by almost 40% in capacity, leading to rising gas reference prices in Europe. The German government has already announced plans to restart coal-fired power plants to reduce the country’s dependence on Russian natural gas.

“The EU’s 2030 and 2050 climate targets remain intact. Although we could temporarily extend the use of coal, in the long run the direction is clear, “said Bardram, who led the European Commission’s delegation to the Paris environmental talks.