Olaf Scholz sees a European Union with "30 or 36 members"

Olaf Scholz sees a European Union with “30 or 36 members”

In his view, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “pledged” on Monday in Prague to support an expansion of the European Union to the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, envisioning an EU with “30 or 36 members”.

Thus, “The fact that the EU continues to expand eastward is an advantage for all of us,” said the German chancellor in a speech on the future of Europe held in Prague, quoted by AFP.

In the future, in this future configuration, with up to 36 members, the rules of operation will definitely have to evolve, the German chancellor said.

In his opinion, “In this enlarged Union, differences between member states will increase in terms of political interests, economic power or social systems,” he explained. “Ukraine is not Luxembourg. And Portugal does not look at the challenges of the world in the same way as North Macedonia,” said Scholz.

Thus, “where unanimity is required today (within the EU), the risk that a single country will prevent all others from going forward with its veto increases with each new member state,” the German chancellor added.

“That’s why we proposed to gradually move to majority decision-making in the common foreign policy, but also in other areas, such as fiscal policy,” explained Scholz, without hiding the fact that “this would also have consequences for Germany.”

In the European context, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also reiterated his support for Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for a “European Political Community”.