One of Facebook’s investors, funded to overcome

Photo source: Move 2 Turkey

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An American startup that operates in secret and has as its sole client the US government was funded by one of Facebook’s investors to overcome the security measures in WhatsApp (owned by Facebook).

NSO Group, the Israeli company that created the Pegasus spyware, is not the only one that has successfully developed spy tools capable of breaking into iPhones and communication applications.

Recently, there was an American startup called Boldend. Founded in 2017 in San Francisco, it appears to have tools similar to those sold by the NSO Group.

The American startup had the necessary tools to hack WhatsApp accounts at least until January 2021, when WhatsApp fixed one of the speculated vulnerabilities, according to News.ro.

Boldend has been operating secretly, at least so far, because the United States government has imposed on him the only client he works for.

One of Boldend’s investors is Peter Thiel, who, through the Founders Fund, allegedly financed the startup with at least $ 10 billion, according to Forbes.

The irony comes from the fact that Thiel, who is one of Facebook’s investors, thus financed the breaking of WhatsApp, a product owned by Facebook.