Paris | Doors must be closed in shops

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In France, the authorities are taking more and more measures to limit energy waste. In the name of economy, but also of limiting energy waste, public lighting is stopped in several cities. And in Paris, the City Hall of the capital forbids stores with air conditioning to keep their doors open. Otherwise, the fine is 150 euros, according to RFI.

In Paris, air-conditioned shops must keep the door closed to avoid wasting energy.

The decision belongs to the City Hall of the capital, which talks about the need to reduce, in the current period, energy consumption.

But, not in the end, it is a “common sense measure”, says the deputy of the Paris mayor’s office.

Paris is not the first city to force air-conditioned shops to keep their doors closed. The same measure was taken by the mayors of 3 other localities, including Lyon.

The government foresees the generalization of the measure for the entire territory and takes into account a fine that can go up to 750 euros.

Already, more and more stores are complying with the decision. And so that people are not disoriented when they see the door closed, which is atypical in Paris, customers are warned that the commercial spaces are, in fact, open and functional.

The measure is valid until September 21, but could be extended if necessary.

Restaurants, cafes and bars with a terrace are not affected by the measure of the local administration.

In the 15th arrondissement of Paris, I found a shop with the doors open but the air conditioning is not on.

“It’s better than a closed door,” says the seller here. Across the road but on the same street, there is a ready-to-wear store: “I think people will get used to it. On days when it was too hot outside, it was a heat wave, we were forced to close the doors. If I kept them open, it was too hot. Now, we keep them closed, customers open them, people understand the situation”.

In one gem, a saleswoman decided to close her shop despite the advice of her patrons who asked her to keep them open.

On the other hand, more and more local administrations have decided to make savings and are limiting public lighting.

In the regions of Nantes and Saint Nazaire, in the west of France, there are dozens of localities that make savings and turn off, as much as possible, the lights in the public space.

There are also localities where the street lights only come on if there is traffic on them.

In Saint-Nazaire, almost the entire town is not lit between midnight and 5 am. The idea of ​​the mayor is not new, it started to be applied, slowly – slowly from 2018 onwards. Thus it was possible to see that savings are being made. More precisely, in one year, the equivalent of an average consumption for 560 families was saved.