PHOTO | Expensive love in Vienna: 304 grams of “cheese

“Cheese of Love” from Vienna: 304 grams, 64 euros

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Fortunately, mice are not Vienna’s favorite pets. Because, at the prices of cheeses, the food of small rodents would soon be as expensive as buying a pony, writes Kronen Zeitung. Crazy Cheese Factory (no. Crazy Cheese Factory), among others with a branch in the Donauzentrum district of Vienna, has the name it deserves in terms of prices.

Among the visitors to the cheese shop last week were journalists from the Kronen Zeitung, who were amazed: 304 grams of “love cheese” cost 64 (!) Euros – a price considered by ordinary Austrians a really crazy .

The price on the company’s website is even higher: 130 grams, 33.5 euros! But a momentary promotion invites you to buy for ONLY 29.30 euros… 130 grams!

Photo: krone.at

The surprise is the composition of the cheese itself: instead of white truffles or beluga caviar, as we would expect and which could justify the price, there are only… tomatoes and oregano.

In fact, the taste of a bright red cheese is as common as the ingredients.

The owner is a millionaire

However, with his business model, the owner of the “Crazy Cheese Factory”, Roland Ludomirska, has meanwhile become – at least self-proclaimed – a millionaire. On Instagram, the Viennese completely tattooed with a bushy gray beard looks like a living voucher with champagne in the jacuzzi or in a private jet – surrounded by cheese, of course.

Roland Ludomirska, the owner of Crazy Cheese. Photo: suedtirolnews.at

And its revenues continue to flourish – after all, price increases do not stop at already overpriced cheese. Inflation is paying off, and the “Geiler Bock” (“Excited Goat”) assortment, which cost 14.50 euros 100 grams two years ago, has now reached 21 euros (over 100 lei). And this is not even the most expensive assortment because there is a “Geile Bock Deluxe” (the translation no longer makes sense), which costs neither more nor less than…. 36 euros (about 180 lei) one hundred grams.

Roland Ludomirska, the owner of Crazy Cheese, displaying his luxury life on social media. Photo: Facebook Crazy Cheese