Pope Francis wants to give women more functions: they will

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Pope Francis has said he wants to give women more senior positions in the Holy See, and has revealed that for the first time he will appoint two women to a previously male-only Vatican committee that will help him elect bishops. from the Congregation for Bishops.

“I am open to giving women an opportunity,” Pope Francis said in an interview, discussing, among other things, the new constitution for the central administration, known as the Curia.

He mentioned that last year, for the first time, he appointed a woman to the position of Vatican governor, naming Sister Raffaella Petrini to the highest position held by a woman in the smallest state in the world.

“Two women will be appointed for the first time to the committee that elects bishops in the Congregation for Bishops,” he was quoted as saying by news.ro.

The decision, which has not been officially announced, is extremely significant, as women will, for the first time, have a say in the appointment of the world’s bishops, who are all men.

“In this way, things open up a little,” the Sovereign Pontiff stressed.

Pope Francis did not give the names of the women he referred to and did not say when their appointment would be officially announced.

The members of the committee, which currently consists of cardinals, bishops and priests, usually meet twice a month in Rome.

A new constitution for the central administration of the Holy See, which came into force last month, allows any baptized Catholic, including lay men and women, to lead most Vatican departments.