President Volodymyr Zelensky wants the Department

President Volodymyr Zelensky wants the Department

President Volodymyr Zelensky met with two top American senators. And in the message sent by Zelenski after the talks with the two, does he promise that it will happen in the next period in Ukraine?

President Zelenski met in Kyiv with two important American senators

In his statements, he says that the aid provided to Ukraine is increasing. In a message sent Thursday night, Zelenski says he met in Kyiv with Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal, representatives of the US Congress, Republicans and Democrats, both supporting Ukraine.

Specifically, the two are the authors of the resolution by which they asked the US State Department to recognize Russia as a state that sponsors terrorism. In his message, Volodymyr Zelensky said he hoped this would happen.

The president of Ukraine informed the two American senators about the situation on the front line, about what the occupiers are preparing, about the Donbas, the south of the country and the Kharkov region.

In his beliefs, Zelenski stressed that the war will end with the victory of Ukraine, the sooner the aid for the defense of this country will increase.

Thus, “Today, the Russian army hit Kramatorsk again, again with missiles. The occupiers also hit Kharkov, the city of Donbas. (…)

The greater the aid for the defense of Ukraine now, the sooner the war will end with our victory and the less will be the losses of all countries in the world, the losses of the United States due to Russian pressure on democratic societies, “Volodimi said. Zelenski in the message posted on his Facebook account.

Currently, the partners have accurate information about Ukraine’s defense needs, including anti-aircraft defense and modern MLRS systems, the Kyiv leader added.

Aid over $ 2 billion for Ukraine

On Friday, July 8, Volodymyr Zelensky will continue his appeals to the European parliaments, the next on the list being that of Slovenia.

“Tomorrow (Friday) will also be a lot of domestic news in Ukraine – a meaningful day ahead of us,” Zelenski said.

The president also announced that more than $ 2 billion in emergency aid had been established after the Lugano conference on Ukraine’s reconstruction. The money will be directed to strengthen the budget and for winter preparations.

In the socio-economic context, “The export of electricity from Ukraine to EU countries, which has already begun, is a significant support even now in the heating season.

The price of electricity on the European market is higher than in Ukraine and this will allow energy companies to use the funds obtained to provide services to Ukrainian consumers. Moreover, at unchanged rates “, Volodimir Zelenski also declared.

In addition, officials from the Kyiv government are working on the logistics of agricultural exports and will do everything possible to gain access to the international market, even if Ukrainian ports remain blocked by Russian warships.

Zelensky, after the victory on Snake Island: Our state cannot be defeated

Zelenski also hailed the victorious operation on Snake Island.

“And, of course, today I want to express my gratitude for the final stage of the battle for Zmiinyi (Snake Island – ed.) – our national flag was hoisted there. The operation lasted two months.

Secret Service, Special Operations Forces, Alpha Security Service unit, border guards, gunners, Naval Forces, Air Force.

And now let any Russian captain – whether of a ship or an aircraft – see the Ukrainian flag on Zmiinyi and know that our state cannot be defeated “, the President of Ukraine also transmitted in his message.