Putin has given assurances that Gazprom will fully comply

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Russian President Vladimir Putin assured on Tuesday that the gas giant Gazprom will fully fulfill its obligations to its partners, at a time when deliveries to Europe are falling in full conflict in Ukraine, writes AFP, according to Agerpres.

“Gazprom has fulfilled, continues to fulfill and will fully fulfill its obligations, if anyone needs it,”

he told a news conference after talks in Tehran.

“There is no doubt that our partners are blaming or trying to blame Russia and Gazprom for all their mistakes.”

Vladimir Putin added, saying the Europeans had bet on

“Non-traditional energy sources”.

“Gazprom is ready to pump as much as necessary,”

he continued, noting that Westerners were in trouble for imposing sanctions on Moscow and “closing” oil supply channels.

Gazprom has reduced gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 by 60% in recent weeks, citing the absence of a Siemens turbine in maintenance in Canada.

This decision was denounced as “political” by the German government, considering it motivated by the desire to put pressure on Westerners in the conflict in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said Gazprom had not yet received “official documents” to bring the turbine from Canada.

Russia’s gas giant Gazprom has called for “force majeure” to absolve itself of responsibility for massive cuts in gas supplies to Europe.

Invoking “force majeure” releases a company from its contractual obligations by relieving it of any legal liability, writes AFP.