Putin wants to invade the rest of Europe - the financier

Putin wants to invade the rest of Europe – the financier

Since February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, nothing is the same. The concept of deterrence did not stop President Vladimir Putin from committing an aggression, and the threat of a nuclear war prevented him from any Western military intervention.

Which countries are targeted

Today, Europe is increasingly alarmed that the Kremlin leader wants to recreate the long-lost empire of Tsar Peter the Great, writes NewsHerald.

In this regard, the publication recalls that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenski, issued this warning while Western leaders met in Madrid to reset the future of NATO. “This is Russia’s real goal,” Zelensky warned, calling for help to stop the Russian army again.

In his warnings, “Next year could be an even worse situation, not only in Ukraine, but also in a few other states, possibly members of the alliance. The question is who will follow? ”Said the leader from Kyiv.

Continuous fire threats

Proof that concerns are growing from month to month lies in the decision of states such as Sweden and Finland, which have maintained their neutrality throughout the Cold War, to join NATO.

Currently, the two countries say they have reason to join the alliance, given that Putin’s propagandists have repeatedly stated that his goals go beyond Ukraine. Its propagandists threatened to invade NATO, Poland and Lithuania. Norway is also another target of Moscow’s anger, and the United Kingdom and the United States have been threatened with the specter of a nuclear strike.

War warnings for several states

“The Russian military does not want to stop in the Donbas or somewhere in southern Ukraine,” Zelenski said. “She wants to swallow city after city. All of us. And then everyone in Europe. This is the real goal of Russia “, warned the leader from Kyiv, who has every reason to talk about a threat, underlines the quoted source.

And the Kremlin seems to be doing everything in its power to fuel its fears. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov said Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO was a “strictly destabilizing factor”.

At the same time, Foreign Ministry officials are threatening “revenge” against Norway for imposing sanctions on supplies transported on its territory to a Russian outpost. Lithuania has also been accused of “an act of war” after imposing a blockade on Kaliningrad, a Russian outpost in the Baltic Sea.

In the meantime, Finland is increasingly exposed, as its 1325 km border with Russia is almost as long as that of the entire eastern flank of NATO. In turn, Sweden is next to Russia’s outposts on the Baltic Sea, with the island of Gotland vulnerable to amphibious attacks. We must not forget that the list also includes Latvia and Estonia, former USSR states, which have been repeated targets of Kremlin threats and espionage.

Discouraging discouragement

NATO initially said from the beginning that any direct intervention by the alliance in Ukraine would lead to World War III.

In his comments, “Putin’s bold moves, combined with threatening nuclear rhetoric, discouraged us from taking decisive action,” General Ben Hodges wrote. “The problem is that we are witnessing a massacre in Europe, and that the strongest military alliance in the world remains outside it. We are discouraged, not Russia, “he said.

In addition, “We have reached a turning point,” said retired German General Hans-Lothar Domroese shortly after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. “We have China and Russia acting together, challenging the United States for global domination. In the past, I used to say that discouragement works. Now we have to ask ourselves if discouragement is still enough, “he said.