Roman Abramovich put Chelsea on sale on the 2nd

Roman Abramovich put Chelsea on sale on the 2nd

Roman Abramovich put the Chelsea club up for sale on March 2, and the Turkish press wrote yesterday that the Russian businessman had bought another team – Goztepe.

The Turks deny an agreement with Roman Abramovich regarding the Goztepe club

However, the president of the Turkish club, Talat Papatya, denied this information and stated that there was no discussion with the Russian billionaire.

In his opinion, “Abramovich did not reach an agreement and did not talk to anyone about taking over the club. There is no such thing! I read in the press that Abramovich took over the club, but this is not true. We will make the necessary announcements when the discussions on these issues will be serious, “Talat Papatya, Goztepe’s chairman, told DHA.

In the competitive context, the Goztepe team is currently ranked 18th out of 20 teams in the first league in Turkey and has a group of 30 players, with a total value of 28.95 million euros, according to the publication Transfermarkt specialty.

In fact, Goztepe is a traditional team in Turkey, with a history of 96 years. She was a one-time champion in 1950 and has two Turkish Cups and a Super Cup.

Chelsea Club, released March 2

The Russian Roman Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale on March 2, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian-Israeli billionaire was then sanctioned by the British government on March 10.

The “blues” must operate under a strict government license, and the money from the sale of the club will go to charities that help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Abramovich has pledged to cancel Chelsea’s £ 1.5bn debt and possible deal, which could reach £ 3bn as a result of auctions.

Stephen Pagliuca, the last candidate on Chelsea’s shortlist

In the race for Chelsea, the co-owner of the North American Boston Celtics basketball team, Stephen Pagliuca, became, at the end of March, the last candidate on the short list of four to buy Chelsea. The 67-year-old tycoon, co-chair of Bain Capital, has put an important offer on the table to buy the English club.

The Ricketts family owns the Chicago Cubs baseball club, a group led by former Liverpool president Sir Martin Broughton, which includes World Athletics President Sebastian Coe and a consortium of Todd Boehly businessmen Hansjorg Wyss and Jonathan Goldstein are the other competitors in the race.