Romania, among the states with the lowest gas reserve

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The states of the European Union must have 80% gas in storage by November 1, according to a decision of the European Parliament on Thursday, June 23. Romania is at the tail of the EU in terms of reserves, although talks have been taking place since mid-May.

The Member States of the European Union will have to replenish their gas reserves by at least 80% by November to ensure that they have sufficient reserves for next winter, the European Parliament has decided in an emergency vote in the context of the energy crisis. according to romania.europalibera.org.

According to official data, only 39% of gas storage tanks in Romania are full at this time. In comparison, the European average is 55%, and countries such as Portugal and Poland have reserves of over 90%.

Romania had stored until June 21 approximately 13 twh, in the Depomureș and Depogaz Ploiești warehouses.

The situation is similar to that of previous years, but conditions have changed dramatically with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and the energy conflict between the EU and Russia.

Germany, for example, which a year ago had only 38% of insured capacity, now has 58% of its stock covered, France’s figure has risen from 45 to 58%, and Austria, the state most dependent on Russian gas, 28% to 42%.

The Council of Europe has already agreed on the text, and in order to enter into force it needs to be signed and published in the Official Journal. The regulation also provides that:

Union countries and operators must work to ensure a level of compliance of 85%. In the coming years, the target will be 90% to protect Europeans from possible supply crises, the Union’s countries need to diversify their natural gas sources and expand their measures to ensure energy efficiency; from the EU will receive the status of critical infrastructure. All operators of this type of installation will be required to obtain a certification to avoid the risk of foreign interference;

The latest estimates showed that Romania is 20-25% dependent on imported gas.