Romania buys 37,600 MWh of gas from Bulgarians »

Romania buys 37,600 MWh of gas from Bulgarians »

Bulgarian authorities reject allegations that Bulgarian gas supplier sold 60,000 MWh of natural gas to Romania following previously agreed transactions. The Bulgarian Minister of Energy explained the actual situation and pointed out that the natural gas sold amounted to 37,600 MWh.

Thus, the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, Alexander Nikolov, denied on Sunday the accusations according to which the new management team from the gas supplier Bulgargaz sold to Romania a quantity of 60,000 MWh of natural gas in accordance with a series of previously agreed transactions.

The Bulgarian government rejects the allegations

“It was not a single transaction but 18 transactions and the total amount of gas sold was 37,600 MWh and not 60,000 MWh. In addition, the transactions were not completed “in a matter of seconds”, which would suggest that they were pre-agreed transactions, but within a day and all those who were interested in Bulgargaz’s additional quantities of gas. they were satisfied, Nikolov was quoted as saying by BTA, quoted by Agerpres.

“At this very moment and in the context of a complex international situation, at our meeting in Baku and just before the start of negotiations with Gazprom Export for the renegotiation of the terms of the long-term contracts, I believe that such accusations came from former energy ministers. Deputy Prime Minister and other politicians are nothing more than a coordinated attack on Bulgaria’s national interests, “Nikolov said.

What the former Minister of Energy says

In this case, the attacks on the new management team in Bulgargaz came from the former Minister of Energy, Rumen Ovcharov, who on Friday drew public attention to the transactions concluded by Bulgargaz and stressed that the new managers of the state-owned company acted in the same way. as well as the former directors, who were replaced because they pursued the interests of the company to the detriment of the public interest.

Therefore, Alexander Nikolov replied that Bulgargaz has an obligation to maintain a balanced situation in gas supply and gas sales on the open market should not be surprising. In addition, the transactions concluded on Friday were made at the “best price” and Bulgargaz made a profit of over 1.5 million levs, Nikolov added.