Romania could soon have a flower certified by

photo: hoghilag.ro

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With a strong smell, colorful flowers and long stem, the tuberose blooms once every 3 years. The only area in the country where it is developing at full capacity is in the Hoghilag commune in Sibiu. There, every year, in the first week of August, the celebration that bears his name takes place. The tuberose could become the first flower in Romania certified by the European Union, notes TVR.

There were two days full of flowers, nature, tradition and culture, in Hoghilag, in Sibiu county, where a new edition of the Tuberose Festival took place.

The local authorities submitted the necessary documentation to patent the tuberose flower.

The visitors enjoyed the tour through the flower gardens, listened to music and enjoyed dishes specific to the area.

Those who discovered and cultivated tuberose in Romania were the Saxons from the Sibiu town of Hoghilag. It was happening almost 200 years ago. Now, the fragrant flowers occupy 5 hectares of the locality.

Although it blooms once every 3 years, the flower must be cared for annually. For many locals in Hoghilag, selling tuberoses is the only source of income.

More than 12 thousand tourists come to the town every year to buy flowers or tuberose bulbs.