Romania grants temporary CNP and protection conditions

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The government adopted on Friday a government decision on establishing conditions for ensuring temporary protection as well as amending and supplementing normative acts in the field of foreigners. The document establishes the conditions under which temporary protection is granted to persons fleeing the war in Ukraine, News.ro announces

“The normative act establishes the conditions under which the temporary protection of all persons who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the armed conflict that broke out on February 24 is ensured, as well as the source of financing the necessary expenses. Romania thus transposes the recent EU Decision no. 382/2022 to ascertain the existence of a massive influx of displaced persons from Ukraine and the introduction of a temporary protection of these citizens “, transmitted, on Friday, the Executive from Bucharest.

Foreigners and stateless persons who had their legal residence in Ukraine and who cannot return to their country of origin in a safe and stable condition, both those who came to Romania after February 24, 2022, and Ukrainian citizens will benefit from temporary protection. are on the territory of Romania before the outbreak of the armed conflict.

At the same time, stateless persons and third-country nationals other than Ukraine, who received national protection in Ukraine, will also benefit from protection.

“They will be issued a residence permit in Romania by the General Inspectorate for Immigration and will be assigned a personal numerical code, similar to that assigned to asylum seekers. The granting of temporary protection is done automatically, it should not be requested by persons “, the Government transmitted.

The expenses generated by the granting of temporary protection deriving from the application of the provisions of this decision shall be provided from the state budget and from non-reimbursable external funds.