Romania is with Ukraine and will continue to offer

Romania is with Ukraine and will continue to offer

During the extraordinary meeting of the European Council, convened as a result of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine, in Brussels, President Klaus Iohannis announced that Romania remains in solidarity with Ukraine, writes the Presidential Administration.

In his remarks, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis also condemned the Russian Federation’s large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, which is a flagrant violation of international law. He added that Russia’s “unacceptable actions” have an unprecedented impact on the security and stability of the eastern neighborhood, and the consequences will be severe.

Thus, “President Klaus Iohannis described the attack by Russian troops on several regions of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev, as a deliberate and unequivocal act of aggression against an independent and sovereign state.

The President of Romania stressed that, in this difficult situation, the European Union must continue to defend its values ​​and principles, emphasizing the importance of unity and links with close partners in the region and globally. President Klaus Iohannis supported the European Union’s strong and swift response, including the adoption of a strong sanctions package and the further preparation of additional individual and economic sanctions targeting Belarus, “the source said.

In addition, Klaus Iohannis wants to mitigate the negative impact of Russia’s actions on Moldova and Georgia, partner states that are already feeling pressure from Moscow. In this regard, the Head of State stressed the importance of providing the necessary financial support to strengthen the resilience of partners.

“Considering the current situation as the biggest challenge in the recent history of Europe, President Klaus Iohannis stressed the need to continue to coordinate closely reactions and approaches with Euro-Atlantic partners, especially the US and NATO,” said the Presidential Administration.

The EU is preparing drastic sanctions

At the meeting in Brussels, the European leaders had the same reaction to these actions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who condemned in the strongest terms the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. At the same time, they called on Russia to cease military action as soon as possible and to withdraw military and military equipment from all over Ukraine unconditionally.

Also at the meeting, another point highlighted by European leaders was Belarus’ involvement in the aggression against Ukraine, urging them to refrain from such actions and to comply with their international obligations.

The Council of the European Union is therefore to adopt without delay the proposals prepared by the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union. European leaders have called for the urgent preparation and adoption of an additional package of individual and economic sanctions, which will also include Belarus.

In the political-economic context, as regards the sanctions agreed by the European Council, they will cover the financial, energy, transport, dual-use sectors, as well as export control and financing, visa policy, additional listings of persons and entities. , as well as new listing criteria.