Romania ranks 2nd in the EU in spending

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Romanian parties and politicians have paid Google, YouTube and their partners 2,832,900 euros for political advertising in the last 2 and a half years, our country winning its second position in the EU, after Germany.

The data, updated on February 9, 2022, is contained in the Google Report on Political Advertising, released by the American company in order to help people understand that the ads they see online, especially around the election, have parties, politicians or advertising companies, writes Governance Course.

The 2.83 million euros paid from Romania represent a total of online advertising expenses starting with March 20, 2019.

Top 3 “big contributors” are Germany – 5,137,900 euros, Romania – 2,832,900 euros and the United Kingdom – 2,392,050 euros.

On the other hand, the least interested in online campaigns are Luxembourg – 1,600 euros, Malta – 2,050 euros and Portugal – 3,800 euros.

In Romania, the largest payer of political advertising on the Internet is USR (621,800 euros), followed by PSD (494,200 euros) and PNL (111,450 euros).

These are not the total sums, because companies or people from these parties also pay political advertising on their behalf.

Where do the Romanian parties get their money from?

The parties in Romania receive an annual subsidy from the state budget, regardless of whether or not it is an election year.

The subsidy is theoretically recalculated at each election cycle, being proportional to the number of seats obtained in elections by women candidates and the number of seats obtained in local and parliamentary elections.

In fact, the way in which the subsidy is calculated is decided by AEP decision, the money allocated being more and more.

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