Romania will be able to host major international competitions

Ancuța Bodnar and Simona Radiş, winners in the women’s double rowing event. photo: Profimedia

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Romania will have the first Olympic rowing track. Our athletes will be able to train or compete on Lake Pantelimon, given that the Romanian Rowing Federation together with the City Hall of Pantelimon have started the procedures to implement this project. The existence of a track would allow our country to organize the national competitions, then the Balkan ones, and later a world junior championship.

Athletes who made us proud at the Olympic Games in Tokyo say that the Olympic track will help Romanian rowing, Digi24 reports.

Ancuta Bodnar, Olympic rowing champion:

It’s very good to have a track here in Romania, it’s not too late either. We want to compete in our country and win gold here.

Simona Radiș, Olympic rowing champion: It’s close to Bucharest, Pantelimon is a big city and being a rowing base, right here within reach… I think it will bring new athletes and new future rowing stars.

Making this track could attract more kids to the sport.

Mugurel Semciuc, Olympic rowing vice-champion:

At the beginning it is not easy, it is a difficult road to start, but at some point the results must come and be satisfying from all points of view.

Mihăiță Țigănescu, Olympic vice-champion in rowing:

Let another generation come after us and continue what we are doing now. We will probably feel the same emotions, as in the Olympics, because we will be on an Olympic track.

Rower: A very good method for training because we have an exact distance that we can pull. It helps us a lot for the competition tracks.

Elisabeta Lipă, president of the Romanian Rowing Federation:

We cannot organize a competition at the lowest level. Many ask us: “where do you train, what is your base, if you don’t organize a competition?”, and every time we tell them that we don’t have anywhere. It’s very sad to work at home too, to have nowhere to show what you can do, and make your Romanians proud of your success.

The Olympic rowing track could be inaugurated next year.