Rompetrol faced an attack on Monday

Rompetrol faced an attack on Monday

Rompetrol faced an unprecedented situation. Sources said that this company was the victim of a cyber attack, also pointing out that the National Directorate of Cyber ​​Security was notified of a complex cyber attack that had an impact on some services.

Rompetrol, the victim of a cyber attack

Rompetrol was the victim of a cyber attack, sources in the cyber security industry told, adding that certain of the company’s servers at Telekom were encrypted.

In this context, the National Cyber ​​Security Directorate was notified of a complex cyber attack that had an impact on some services.

Specifically, Rompetrol decided to temporarily suspend the sites and the Fill & Go service to protect the data. The cessation applies to both fleets and individuals. The company also says that the Petromidia refinery is not affected, and the activity of Rompetrol gas stations is normal. In addition, the company says that payments can be made both in cash and by bank card.

According to the company, “The management team is in constant contact with the affected organization to remedy the problem, providing the necessary assistance in this case. We will come back with details “, the company transmits.

France suspects Russia of cyber attack on European satellite network

In this sense, the French army announced on Thursday that it noticed a cyber attack on a network of satellites that provided services for Europe and thus were affected “tens of thousands of terminals for civilian use”, writes the EFE agency.

In fact, France has not officially attributed the attack to any country, but in the context of the war in Ukraine, it considers Russia as the first suspect.

“We find that a network of satellites serving Europe and Ukraine have been the victims of a cyber attack,” French General Michel Friedling, in charge of command of the aerospace unit, told a news conference.

In the context of gravity, the damage caused by the cyber attack is “irreparable”, but did not mention the number of connections affected, stating that these data must be provided by companies affected by the fall of the terminals.

A real “war” between hackers

From a competitive point of view, we mention that on Tuesday, the Russian hackers Killnet released a video in which they claim that they broke the website of the Anonymous group that declared cyber war against Russia, according to the RIA Novosti agency and

As early as February 25, the Anonymous group declared a “cyber war” against Russia over the situation around Ukraine. The group later hacked the websites of the Russian public news agency TASS, as well as Kommersant, Izvestia, Fontanka, Mel and Forbes. On the websites of the publications, the group published messages calling for an end to the special military operation launched by Russia in Ukraine to “protect the Donbas”. These messages appeared when someone was trying to access those pages.