Russia allegedly financed political parties from about 20

Russia allegedly financed political parties from about 20

The US Foreign Intelligence Service has said that Russia has funded political parties in about 20 countries to strengthen its power and influence. The amount would be equivalent to 300 million dollars.

In the context of some estimates, by the American intelligence services published on Tuesday, it appears that Russia would have invested, discreetly, at least 300 million dollars to finance some political parties and candidates in more than 20 countries starting from 2014 to amplify its the influence, informs AFP.

Specifically, the United States of America “considers that these are minimal estimates and that Russia probably secretly transferred more funds that were not detected”, stated a senior American official, without naming the countries concerned.

According to the official, an acting Russian Ambassador from an Asian country transferred millions of dollars to a presidential candidate.

Americans want to strengthen global democracy

Currently, the administration of President Joe Biden has asked the American services for an estimate of these fundings after Russia attacked Ukraine, simultaneously with the launch by Washington of multiple initiatives to isolate Moscow on the international stage.

In this regard, the official further stated that American diplomacy will make these conclusions available to the governments of more than 100 countries, in the extension of the democracy summit organized in virtual format by President Joe Biden in December 2021.

Russia supported Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election

The US intelligence services previously stated that Moscow intervened in the 2016 US elections, mainly supporting online propaganda to support Donald Trump.

Thus, “The United States is working hard to fix our weaknesses, and we encourage other countries to do the same and join us in this important effort,” said the same senior official.

Joe Biden has said he will not designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

In the context of the war, the United States made a decision regarding Russia and labeling this country as a supporter of terrorism. US President Joe Biden gave a final answer to this after Kiev and several Western states urged Washington to formally designate Russia as a state that “supports terrorism”.

So, “US President Joe Biden has made a final decision against designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said last week.

In his view, Joe Biden said Monday that Russia should not be designated a state sponsor of terrorism, a label that Ukraine has pushed for in the wake of the invasion, while Moscow has warned that it would lead to severing ties between the U.S. and Russia.

“The designation of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism could delay food exports and jeopardize agreements to transport goods through the Black Sea,” Jean-Pierre said, according to Reuters.