Russia calls for restrictions to be lifted to allow exports

Russia calls for restrictions to be lifted to allow exports

The situation is changing in the middle of the war. Vladimir Putin’s man comes with an unprecedented invitation to the West in view of the current crisis generated by the war in Ukraine.

In his message, Russia says the West has another chance to end the growing grain crisis!

Thus, Vladimir Putin’s man gave all the details in this regard and at the same time appealed to both Ukraine and the West.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has sent a clear message. The Russian official claims that everything is in the hands of Kiev and the West.

According to him, only these forces can do anything to allow the export of Ukrainian and Russian grain, which has been blocked since the launch of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

How can the grain crisis in Europe be avoided?

Blocking the export of grain fuels the risk of a global food crisis, and this idea has been repeatedly supported by several analysts, reports AFP.

Sergei Lavrov claims that the West alone created several “artificial problems” after closing ports to Russian ships, but did not take into account the devastating consequences of such decisions.

In his view, “Western countries, which have created a ton of artificial problems by closing their ports to Russian ships, by dismantling logistics and financial chains, need to think seriously about what matters most,” the Russian foreign minister said. referring to Western sanctions imposed on Russia by the invasion of Ukraine.

Sergei Lavrov calls for sanctions to be lifted

In this context, he also stressed that the future of the grain crisis lies in the hands of the West, which will decide for itself whether it wants to resolve this unprecedented situation through concrete measures.

Thus, “Whether they are doing PR on food security or solving this problem through concrete measures, the ball is in their court,” Lavrov points out.

Russia’s foreign minister has also called on Kyiv, which has been fighting Russia for more than three months. He urged Ukrainians to clear their territorial waters around ports to allow grain-laden ships to cross into the Black Sea.

If the West and Ukraine receive open calls from Russia, the European grain crisis could be completely avoided, the Russian official said.