Russia-China alliance irritates US - Financial

Russia-China alliance irritates US – Financial

Recently, the United States warned that a “borderless” partnership between Russia and China would jeopardize global security. At the moment, Russia’s future depends heavily on its relationship with China.

Specifically, China and Russia have vetoed North Korea’s sanctions at a UN General Assembly meeting. In this regard, the United States questions the credibility of the two countries that have raised their strategic partnership “without limits” over global security.

The partnership between Russia and China is devoid of any moral values

The United States believes that the Russia-China strategic partnership lacks any moral values, because by vetoing the UN General Assembly to block sanctions on North Korea, the two countries are jeopardizing global security.

In his statements, “We hope that these veto votes are not a reflection of the direction of this partnership. Their explanations for exercising the veto were insufficient, unbelievable and unconvincing.

The vetoes were not applied to serve our collective security and safety, “said US diplomat Jeffrey DeLaurentis at a UN General Assembly meeting.

Russia and China a “borderless” partnership

Since February, almost three weeks before Russia began invading Ukraine, China and Russia have declared a “limitless” partnership.

Their vetoes on North Korea have divided the UN Security Council for the first time since 2006, when the first sanctions were imposed on Pyongyang.

Russia is hoping for China

China is currently showing great political solidarity with Moscow. It increased general trade with Russia, essentially abandoned relations with Ukraine, expanded financial transactions without the use of dollars or euros, and doubled future cooperation for military technology development while conducting joint exercises with Moscow in the Pacific region.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has acknowledged that his country’s future lies with China.

“Now that the West has taken the dictator’s place, our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said.

“In addition to direct revenue for the state budget, this is a chance to develop the Far East and Eastern Siberia,” the Russian foreign minister added in May.

“China has information and communication technologies that are in no way inferior to the West. A good agreement in this area will ensure mutual benefits, “Lavrov said.