Russia has increased its quotas on exports of flower oil

Photo by Nowaja on Pixabay

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Russia on Sunday decided to increase its quotas on exports of sunflower oil and sunflower meal, due to the fact that the domestic market is well enough supplied, according to Reuters.

Russia has banned exports of sunflower seeds from late March to late August, and has also introduced quotas on exports of sunflower oil to avoid shortages and reduce local market price pressures. .

On Sunday, the Moscow government announced that it had increased its share of sunflower oil exports by 400,000 tons from the previous ceiling of 1.5 million tons, while restrictions on sunflower oil exports have increased. was increased by 150,000 tons, from the previous limit of 700,000 tons.

The new restrictions are in effect until August 31.

The decision to relax the restrictions was made because the domestic market is sufficiently well supplied, the Moscow government said, adding that Russian producers will benefit from the increase in exports.