Russia launches a series of harsh accusations against Germany

Russia launches a series of harsh accusations against Germany

From a political-economic point of view, Russia is setting all of Germany on fire. A terrible announcement came from the Kremlin, through the voice of the former Russian president and prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev. It brought an unprecedented series of accusations against German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Thus, Russia launches a series of harsh accusations against Germany. The former Russian president and prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, accused Berlin on Sunday of waging a “hybrid war” against the country led by Vladimir Putin. Medvedev also made a series of comments on the suspension of Russian gas supplies to Germany, claiming that this was caused by “hostile” behavior towards Moscow in full conflict with Ukraine.

In his opinion, “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says that “Russia is no longer a reliable energy supplier”. First of all, Germany is an enemy country, secondly, it imposed sanctions against the entire Russian economy (…) and it delivers lethal weapons to Ukraine,” Medvedev said in a message on Telegram, quoted by AFP.

Medvedev appreciated that Germany has launched a hybrid war against Russia and that it is behaving as an enemy of Putin’s country.

“In other words, she declared a hybrid war against Russia. Germany behaves like an ENEMY of RUSSIA”, added the former Russian president. “And this uncle (Chancellor Scholz n.ed.) is surprised that the Germans have small troubles with gas”, added Medvedev.

From an energy point of view, the Gazprom company announced on Friday the complete suspension of gas deliveries through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, officially citing an oil leak at a turbine. Earlier in the day, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, had stated that the time had come for the EU to impose tariff ceilings for Russian natural gas as well, after the G7 countries had agreed to impose such ceilings for oil imported from Russia, considering that in this way, it could reduce the income with which Moscow finances its army in the war against Ukraine.

New tax for energy companies

Currently, from a political-economic point of view, the EU states, which support Ukraine in the face of the Russian military offensive, accuse Moscow of energy blackmail, while winter is approaching and many member states fear gas shortages and rising bills. Although it is heavily dependent on Russian energy sources, Germany “will be able to cope with this winter”, assured Olaf Scholz on Sunday.

In the financial context, the German government is preparing a new tax on energy companies that have made huge profits, and the money will be used to help Germans suffering from huge energy bills.

Socially, Germany wants the exceptional profits made by certain energy companies thanks to the explosion of prices on the market to be contributed to reducing household bills, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Sunday.