Russia's plans is to expand its land corridor from

Russia’s plans is to expand its land corridor from

In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there are more and more signals that Russia is preparing something in the south of the country. Putin is thus trying to hold on to the territorial gains he has made.

Thus, Kiev recently announced that Russian forces are moving in large numbers to southern Ukraine, where new military clashes are expected. Moscow’s strategy comes after Russia seized control of the Lugansk region in the northeast and the Kremlin is trying to make further territorial gains in Donbas and the Black Sea coast. But experts believe Russia could be headed for a “significant defeat,” according to 19fortyfive.

In this regard, Russia is moving a large number of troops to the south of Ukraine in preparation for the counter-offensive of the Ukrainians in the occupied territories, confirmed the deputy head of the military intelligence service of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky.

In his statements, “They are increasing the number of troops, preparing for our counter-offensive and probably ready to launch an offensive of their own. The south is key for them, especially because of Crimea,” the official from Kyiv said.

Russia wants to extend the land corridor from Donbas to Crimea

In its strategy to extend its land corridor from Donbas to Crimea, it is over the southern coast and as far west as the border with the Republic of Moldova. The Russian troop movements also come in response to Ukraine’s declared counter-offensive to liberate the occupied southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia.

For its part, Kiev announced that Ukrainian forces had recently liberated dozens of villages and towns along the border and were moving towards the regional capital of Kherson. President Zelensky said that Russia is strengthening its positions in the south, but it has no chance of winning.

Could be headed for ‘significant defeat’

Despite the new troop movements in the south, analysts believe President Vladimir Putin is desperate to hold on to hard-won gains in Lugansk and will do everything to prevent Ukrainian forces from regaining territory lost over the past five months, including Kherson, which Kiev he believes it can be recaptured by September.

Professor Anthony Glees told GB News, a British news channel, that Russia could be heading for a “significant defeat” as Ukraine continues to fight back. According to Glees, 75,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded, and 80% of active Russian soldiers are now stuck in eastern Ukraine. The expert believes that if the battle for Kherson wins Ukraine, it would be a stinging defeat for the Russians.

This, he says, would explain the sudden increase in Russian troops heading south.

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea, increasingly weakened

In parallel, the British military intelligence services announced that an attack on the Sevastopol headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is the latest element in the series of obstacles faced by Russia.

The losses include Russia’s flagship, the cruiser Moskva, in April, according to the report published by the Ministry of Defense in London. The Russian Navy also lost the Alligator-class amphibious assault ship in March to a fire caused by a Ukrainian missile in the port of Berdiansk, as well as a landing craft and several drone strike patrol boats nearby of Snake Island.

Therefore, “Following the information regarding the canceled parades, it is unlikely that the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be able to manage public events of great importance alongside wartime activities,” the ministry states.